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Decorating Tips Nautical Party

Host A Nautical Party

Let Sienna Sinclaire show you how to host the perfect Nautical (Nauti) Party! 


Check out her tips below from what to wear, how to decorate, food to serve and more. 

Decorating Tips Nautical Party

Shop our collection of nautical dinner party decor. It's not just about what you serve to eat, it's what you serve it on that matters. 

Click here for decorating items you can purchase from this website. 

Decorating Tips Nautical Party
Decorating Tips Nautical Party French Outfits

The hostess with the mostest, always dresses fabulous! And make sure to send a link to your guests with where they can buy pieces that match your theme. 

Check out Sienna's three year anniversary Nautical Party she hosted for her clothing line, Naughty Girl. The theme was "Emily in Paris" by the sea with a Parisian cafe. 

Decorating Tips Nautical Party
Madeleine Peyroux French Playlist Nautical Party

Play sexy, sultry French music at your Nauti party. Music that matches your theme definitely matters and will put your guests in the mood. 

Book a Nautical photoshoot for your themed party. Sienna Sinclaire is a photographer in Los Angeles and can shoot content for your next event.

Hire Los Angeles Photographer Sienna Sinclaire Natuical Pinup Photoshoot Blue White Pinstrip Bikini
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