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Nautical Party Decor

Sienna has hand-picked all of the following items that she used for her 3 year Anniversary Nautical Party for Naughty Girl Shop. She makes it easy to plan your own party. 



Nautical Red & White Stripe Sailboat

These cute wooden sailboats go perfectly in a flower display making them stand out and the talk of the party. 

Wooden 12' Sailboat_edited_edited.jpg

Wooden Sailboat 12"


Nautical White Latern.jpeg

Nautical Lanterns

These lanterns come in blue and white, small or large sizes. Can be used to put candles in them, starfish, flowers or other items. 

White Tea Lantern _edited.jpg

White Mini Tea Lantern


Seashell Tealight Holder.jpeg

Nautical Candles

Pick from many nautical candles on our website from lanterns to tea lights for your next party. 

Seashell Tealight_edited.jpg

Seashell Tealight Holder


Host Your Own Nauti Party

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