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Host an Alice in Naughtyland Party

Let Sienna Sinclaire show you how to host the perfect Alice in Naughtyland Party! 


Check out her tips below from what to wear, how to decorate, food to serve and more. 

Alice in Wonderland Party decor Ideas Tea Party

Check out video and photos of how Sienna Sinclaire decorated her party to get ideas or to hire her to help you plan your next event. 

Click here for decorating items you can purchase from our website.

Alice in Wonderland Party Halloween Ideas Blue Dress

The hostess with the mostest, always dresses fabulous! And make sure to send a link to your guests with where they can buy pieces that match your theme. 

Sienna's annual Halloween party for 2022 was Alice in Naughtyland themed. It included live entertainment, themed bars, Wonderland characters, and signature cocktails.

Alice in Wonderland Party decorating ideas costumes
Alice in Wonderland Party Outdoor Tea decorating  playlist music

Play sexy, sultry French music at your Nauti party. Music that matches your theme definitely matters and will put your guests in the mood. 

Hire Sienna Sinclaire to shoot a sexy Alice in Wonderland photo shoot for your next event or for a fun theme. 

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